Physical Therapy, Sports Performance, and Wellness

Have a nagging injury you cant kick? Hurt your knee in your game this weekend? Don’t know whether or not to see a physician? Let the professionals at Physio Pro help you jump start your recovery via our Injury Evaluation Program.

This evaluation is used to gain subjective and objective information about your injury that can be used to help determine the most appropriate action (i.e.: immediate first aid, self management, or referral to a reputable orthopedic physician).

The evaluation is completed by a Physio Pro certified athletic trainer or licensed physical therapist. Although we will offer our expert opinion regarding your injury, treatment of your injury is not part of this program.

You can schedule an appointment and find out about pricing by calling our office at 303-370-2670.

(We are licensed physical therapists and certified athletic trainers and will not give you a definitive diagnosis. A medical diagnosis can only be provided from a licensed medical doctor.)