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Over the last 20 years, a wealth of research has been focused on ACL injury prevention. Prevention programs have been shown to drastically decrease the incidence of catastrophic knee injuries as well as improve athletic performance. Physio Pro has taken this information into account and developed the Physio Pro ACL Performance Enhancement Program.

The Program has been adapted and tailored from the most pertinent areas of research in this area. Since 2002, we have run hundreds of recreational to professional athletes through this program. Most of our patients return to their activities stronger, faster and more confident in their knees than athletes who simply partake in traditional training and rehabilitation regimes.

Research has demonstrated that with a specific 6 week training program athletes may increase jump height, decrease harmful landing forces at the knee, and increase muscular power. The goal of the Physio Pro ACL Performance Enhancement Program is the prevention of serious knee injuries by enhancing strength, power,coordination and neuromuscular control.

In addition, athletes who have unfortunately sustained macrotrauma to a knee requiring surgical intervention including anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction have been shown to benefit from the program in the later stages of rehabilitation (usually 4-6 months post-op). Most of our participants not only return to their previous level of competition, but often make gains in their strength, speed, power and vertical jump that exceed their pre-injury status.

The 6 week program has three components: Dynamic warm-up, Functional Strengthening, and Plyometric Training The program is ideally performed in the off-season or pre-season. Three Jump training sessions per week on non-consecutive days are recommended with three days of supplemental resistive and proprioceptive functional training on nonjump days.

At Physio Pro Physical Therapy, the initial evaluation consists of a orthopedic/biomechanical screening, analysis of jumping technique, as well as a series of functional tests. We will then review the program’s fundamentals to ensure proper technique and safety. All athletes will be given training materials and a link to instructional videos. Upon completion of the program, another appointment is scheduled to re-evaluate strength, and re-measure the functional tests. Once a post-operative athlete has completed the protocol they are put through a comprehensive return to sport test. If the clinician, athlete and surgeon all agree that the clinical goals are met, then medical release can be considered. Our staff will then provide recommendations for sport specific drills to continue as the season begins.

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