Physical Therapy, Sports Performance, and Wellness

Pro Physical Therapy is proud to present our Accelerate program. This program is an injury prevention/sports enhancement program specifically designed for your given sport. Due to the repetitive nature of athletics, overuse and repetitive strain injuries are common. Many of these injuries can be avoided if faulty biomechanics and dysfunctional movement patterns are identified and treated. This “pre-hab” approach is evidence based and many professional teams and athletes have implemented such programs into the training regimes with enormous success.

This program is two-fold. The first component consists of a biomechanical evaluation performed by an expert in the field of applied kinesiology. Individuals will be evaluated using the Functional Movement Assessment (FMS). Asymmetries, abnormal movement, positions of risk, and good/bad mechanics are identified and discussed with you. This is a total body assessment. In addition to the FMS evaluation, your therapist will also assess your foot structure, limb alignment (static and dynamic), limb flexibility, and strength. Your examination findings will be discussed with you and you will be given a specifically tailored program to address any dysfunctional movement patterns, flexibility, or strength issues uncovered in your evaluation.

The second round of testing we use in your evaluation is sport specific functional testing. Functional tests are performed to measure strength, speed, power, balance, and endurance. These sport and position specific tests, help us identify your athletic strengths and weaknesses. Normative data is used to compare your individual scores with athletes in the same age group, sport, and level of competition to grade your overall athleticism. Once we evaluate your individual findings from both the biomechanical and functional testing, a individually tailored program is developed to address your specific areas of need. This comprehensive approach is the key to helping our athletes Accelerate their game.