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I am super-pleased with the guys over at Physio Pro Physical Therapy. I am healing fast and walking pretty well already. They cater particularly to each person and know the appropriate amount to push. They do not work from a template~ but rather build each person's therapy based on individual need, ability, and expectation. Y'all know I am picky when it comes to my body and healing thoroughly, and I highly recommend these people. - with Nate Lilley.

As a young athlete, season-ending injuries are both physically and mentally challenging to come back from. Nate and all the other people at Physio Pro made my ACL recoveries much easier. Every appointment, I walked into an open and friendly environment. Nate challenged me daily, getting me prepared to get back on the court. He specified the programs to basketball and always changed things up so I was never bored. He pushed me so that I was physically and mentally ready to go. I never questioned the stability of my knee and was not afraid of playing again, thanks to Nate. I would recommend Physio Pro to anyone and if I ever have problems in the future I would surely return.

Katie Heckman: Woman’s Basketball, Duke University

I was originally referred to Nate at Physio Pro by my doctor for a shoulder problem. At the time, I was training for an Ironman and the pain made my swimming impossible. My goal was to avoid surgery and return to my training schedule ASAP. Nate’s evaluation revealed several muscle imbalances and his recommendation of strength training soon resulted in a return to the pool. Physio Pro specializes in athletes and careful evaluations of form. Instead of the 5 visits normally prescribed, I transitioned to Nick Nathan, their on-site Director of Strength and Conditioning. Our personal training sessions were focused on my areas of weakness with an emphasis on functional strength. I have returned to endurance cycling and golf thanks to the comprehensive approach of the Physio Pro team. I am still practicing the stretching program prescribed and have seen a substantial reduction of my aches and pains. Thanks Team!!!

Ingrid Hinshaw: Endurance Athlete

It is a pleasure to deal with the Physio Pro family. Their expertise is superior to the other physical medicine people with whom I’ve dealt. As an aging athlete, I appreciate their dedication to my strength and flexibility. As a collegiate football official, the Physio Pro professionals help me prepare for the physical challenges I face on the field.

Terry Leyden: NCAA Division I Football Official

Since I have been a client at Physio Pro for the last five weeks and in the care of Ryan Wooderson, PT, DPT, I have been impressed by his skills and ability to make me feel at ease in stressful situations. From my first visit, he has been both patient and professional. He always asks about my pain level, residual symptoms and any new ones that may have arisen. He then proceeds to adjust the exercises in my routine to fit my needs. This helps me make greater progress towards wellness and to feel respected and valued in the process

At this time, I would also like to comment on the personnel in the front office. Each time I come to Physio Pro, usually twice a week, I am always welcomed by the young women behind the counter. I notice that even though they have a great deal of work to do, they warmly greet each and every visitor. As you know, this does not happen in every office so please accept my appreciation for a job well done. Serving the needs of others, especially when they are in pain, is not an easy task. Yet, somehow, all of you make it look that way. Thank you!!

Minnie Simonet

I have been so pleased with the PT I’ve received at Physio Pro, both from my main therapist, Lyle McKissick, and every other pro here. Their expertise is impressive, but their positive encouragement and coaching really made the big difference in my recovery. I also appreciated the variety of exercises and other approaches. Without any reservations, I would heartily recommend Physio Pro to anyone. This is my second TKR and this experience was by far superior to my first.

Jennifer Younger

Aldo Prins, PT, MOMT is an excellent therapist. I have nothing but praise for his guidance in my healing process. The entire experience at Physio Pro was positive. Thanks for my regaining of independence and strength.

Amy Theodore

When I first came to Physio Pro my back pain was a "10". I was in severe, chronic pain on a daily basis. After working with Karen for five weeks, my pain level is now a "2". I can take walks, swim and enjoy life to a greater degree than I could previously. I now know a number of exercises and stretches I can do on my own to maintain flexibility and keep me relatively pain free. Thank you so much Physio Pro and Karen for making me feel so good! I highly recommend Physio Pro to anyone looking to relieve pain.

Sue Corbeil

Karen did an outstanding job helping me recover from a neck/back injury due to a car accident. She was very patient, kind, thorough and professional. I feel equipped with stretching exercises, back supports and information to keep my neck, back, and arms in good shape. Karen knew when to push me and when to encourage me. She has a wealth of information and I feel fortunate to have worked with her. Thank you for everything!

Barbara Hamilton

When I came to see Aldo at Physio Pro I had lost hope- After the MRI’s, the doctor’s visits, the sleepless nights… I am finally healed. Not only do I have my mobility back, but my hopeful spirit has returned as well. Thank you

Marisol Murano

I feel the necessity to write and tell you how very grateful I am to you and Physio Pro for taking me to a level of "normalcy" I wasn’t sure was possible just a few weeks ago. I cannot offer sufficient praise to you, Mark, Karl, Nick, Dawn and Emily for making me feel so safe and secure throughout the past month.

I know I can walk in (although sometimes I dread going) and feel ready to push myself to the limit because nothing bad will happen. I know all of you would never endanger my progress and force me to over-do before I am ready. The encouragement and drive you instill in me is something I could never do by myself and the personal contest of beating my numbers from the last session, adding additional weight on the machines or bike a little faster to raise my heart rate and flexibility is invaluable.

It is unfortunate that I do have a time frame of reference for comparison based on several other experiences, so be assured I know whereof I speak. This facility is so above anything else I’ve experienced and the beautiful mesh of the different personalities and the choreography of everyone’s movements about the room keep me focused. I’m never sitting around waiting for someone to give me another assignment and since I value my time as much as anyone else’s, know that respect is appreciated beyond measure.

A word about Emily and her help with scheduling- and changing- appointments with such patience and understanding is also a wonderful asset. In short, from start to finish, know I admire the professionalism at every turn.

This is not a swan song farewell since I will be coming for a while yet, but before it slipped my mind, I did want to thank all of you for making this recovery as good as could possibly be expected.

I hope you will share this letter with everyone there so they, too, know how wonderful they truly are.

Lucy Smith

I had 2 surgeries on my left foot and decided I need physiotherapy to regain normal use of my foot again. I was going range of motion exercises at home, but having pain and swelling. It was amazing – after just one treatment, the pain has not returned in my ankle and my range of motion has improved to almost normal. I still have balance issues and endurance issues. Physio Pro has definitely improved my return to full mobility and lack of pain.

Jean Berlowitz

Just a little note to let you know what a positive experience my rehab has been with Physio Pro. Everyone has been so knowledgeable about what physical therapy needed to be done and so professional in seeing that it was done with care. The atmosphere at the clinic is delightful with everyone being so helpful, encouraging and watchful. One feels that they are in "good hands" and that the therapists really care. Mark Karl, Nancy, Nick and Nate make is such a pleasant experience. Thanks again for making what could have been a dreadful task a pleasant and caring experience with excellent results.


I’ve had recurring issues with my shoulder and back for years, since ’86 when I separated my A/C joint, 3rd degree. As I’ve aged the recurrence seemed to happen more often, limiting my activities quite a bit more than I’d have liked. Lyle and Physio Pro greatly improved the strength and function of my shoulder and corrected issues with my back muscles that affected my shoulder. Lyle worked diligently, but cautiously, to improve the range of motion and strength and gave me various exercises for a home exercise program. Overall, my shoulder feels better than it has for many years and I am very happy and excited to return to my normal activities again.

Bill Bobzien

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Alice Applebaum, Executive Director and Kristine Wolfe, Development Director.

"Everyone at Physio pro is awesome- they have a great staff, facility, and everything you need to make a full recovery! I would HIGHLY recommend Physio Pro to anyone looking to recover from an injury and become stronger than ever!"

Allison Biggar

"I started going to Physio Pro after spraining my MCL a few months ago. The quality of the facility and the staff is remarkable and simply places Physio Pro in a league of its own. The therapists and assistants answered all of my questions, catered my PT to my own goals and interests and helped me obtain a full recovery in the shortest amount of time possible. I'd highly recommend this group of folks for all of your PT needs!"

Karen Wilcynski

"I'm writing to express my satisfaction with the care I received at your facility. I broke my knee. I know that the reason that I'm able to navigate stairs and ride my bike to work is that your organization approaches physical therapy with a thorough yet personal level of professionalism. If I require any additional physical therapy in the future, I will no doubt return to your facility!"

Greg Donohue

"Physio Pro helped speed and enhance my recovery from a total hip replacement. The knowledge of the therapists of the exercises specific to my rehab needs and their ability to help me understand how to target specific muscles was invaluable. A big thank you Physio Pro!"

Leslie Beltrami